Who we are

The Unitarian Universalist Forum (UUF) is a voluntary association of people understanding ethics as the essential base of a kind of social action turning the world into a home for all beings here and now.

Thus, we share principal stances on spiritual growth and world view. The pursuit of happiness and freedom and the conscience of responsibility within our ecological and social environment are these stances’ basic pillars.

We admit to a mind-set of always open consideration and tolerant acting while in the same way we are aware of the obvious limitations of such an idealistic approach. In the light of our actual history, the Open Society (Karl Popper) with the secular rule of law guaranteeing religious pluralism and human rights seems to be still imperfect, but yet the most promising approach.

On this founding of modernity, a coexistence regarding the autonomy of the individual and the diversity self-conceptions seems within reach for the first time in history. We founded our society in view of this diversity and not as a traditional religious group. Everyone who shares our basic values (see declaration of principles) is welcome, and it’s not necessary to be religious in a traditional sense to approve of these values. On the other hand, of course also religious roots may lead to this approval.

Thus, the Unitarian Universalist Forum (UUF) is a place for discussion, but we also emphasize the spiritual dimension. For all who are interested, services - theistic as well as non-theistic - are offered monthly.

We owe our name to the international Unitarian Universalist movement which is rooted in the reformation and developed basic stances like the ones described above throughout a changeful history in Europe and the States. We are interested in worldwide cooperation and are therefore a member ("Emerging Group") of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU).

As for our group here in Austria, we are not bound to certain traditions and have just begun right from the start. It is ours to experience and discover new ways – the future is open.